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The Chaindrium team offers comprehensive knowledge and experience within diverse fields of technology and systems. Our experts help your organization to understand newly developed technologies, presenting them from a technical, as well as an economic and social perspective. This way, we create a holistic view for you and your team, enabling you to lead the transformation in your industry.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is promoted as one of the great technological advances of our time that will have profound impacts and implications on the business world and the society of tomorrow. Currently, blockchain technology is predominately used as the foundation for various cryptocurrency projects that have led to a rise in innovations in the financial services sector. However, blockchain technology is the key enabler for business models that eliminate intermediary services, promote transparency and accountability, and support cost reduction through shared resources and distributed system solutions. Our blockchain team consists of leading research experts in the field of blockchain technology and published several academic as well as business papers on blockchain-related topics. They will help your organization to explore the suitability of this disruptive technology for your products as well as your future strategy.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The inter-connection and inter-communication of physical IT-devices, sensors, vehicles, buildings, factories and other entities represent a huge challenge, but also an enormous potential for the future digitalization of humanity in the information age. The progress of robotics and sensor technology significantly contributes to the increased efficiency and productivity across various industries that benefit from the inter-connection and inter-communication of billions of devices. Automating segments of a company’s value chain can free up time and resources for the development of products and services. Our team can help you to identify and analyze upcoming opportunities in the IoT market and conceptualize corresponding business models and applications for your organization.

Autonomous- and Self-Driving Vehicles

After decades of technological stagnation, the automotive industry became one of the main beneficiaries of digitalization and technical transformation. The car of the future is basically an autonomous high-end supercomputer on wheels that enables a completely new economy for Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) business models. The same principles that work for cars also apply to different other types of vehicles, such as planes, ships, drones, etc. – thereby forming a so-called Machine-to-Machine (M2M) economy that will radically change our future. Chaindrium’s experts and researchers can help your organization to understand this new economy and identify potential innovations that can improve your future products and services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence enables computer systems to perform and execute tasks that normally require human understanding. The increased processing power of computers enables them to execute those complex tasks at faster rates then humans would ever be able to do. Soon, AI will be implemented in almost every aspect of our lives, e.g., health care, law, engineering, transportation, marketing and even within governments. Our experts are experienced both in explaining the advancements of this technology as well as in designing the corresponding business models and application scenarios according to your needs.


Chaindrium provides holistic consultation and research services as well as cutting-edge expertise and insights into recent technological developments. We enable your company to utilize the latest technological advancements and incorporate them into your strategy for the future.

Research and Analysis

Our researchers and experts offer tailored and in-depth research concerning most recent technological advancements that help your organization to gain a thorough understanding of the technology itself as well as its potential implications. Our research and analysis reports can help your organization to develop a new vision, define future strategies and uncover new growth opportunities.

IT-Architectures, System Design and Software Development

Our team and partners will help you throughout the whole process of articulating your idea of launching the product. We are experts in requirements engineering, the design of IT-architectures and IT-systems as well in as software development.

IT-Consulting and Technical Due-Diligence

Chaindrium offers IT consultation services for start-ups, established business and organizations that are looking for knowledgeable partners who can guide and assist them during complex IT projects as a part of their team.

Education, Workshops and Blockchain Innovation Concepts

While currently blockchain technology is predominately used as the foundation for various cryptocurrency projects, the potential of this technology is much broader; ranging from applications in the automobile industry to financial and legal services, the Internet of Things, smart cities, entertainment products and many more. Understanding blockchain technology, its effects, and potential is essential to enable your organization to make an educated decision about the applicability of blockchain technology for your services, products, and strategy. Chaindrium offers educational programs, talks and workshops on blockchain technology to organizations as well as individuals, guiding them through further steps.

Privacy and Security Concepts

The progressing digitalization of our society produces a multitude of datasets for every single person at any given moment in time. Handling those datasets in a secure and privacy-preserving manner poses a critical challenge to organizations and individuals. The Chaindrium team has experience in both, educating your team on the topics of secure, privacy-preserving data processing and secure system design.

ICO Advisory

Your organization is planning an ICO? We offer advisory throughout the different steps of your ICO campaign where our advisors will guide your decision-making process. Moreover, we have extensive experience in writing high-quality whitepapers for blockchain-based crowdfunding projects.

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