1. Place at the MOBI Grand Challenge

1. Place at the MOBI Grand Challenge


Great news! Our partner and project team Chorus Mobility emerged as a winner out of 23 participants from 15 countriesin the BMW-backed auto tech blockchain competition the MOBI (the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative) Grand Challenge 2019 – a hackathon loosely modeled on the legendary DARPA grand challenge for autonomous driving which captured the public imagination and launched the autonomous driving revolution. The ultimate goal of the challenge was to create the first viable, decentralized, ad-hoc network of blockchain/dlt connected vehicles and infrastructure that can reliably share data, coordinate behavior, and thereby improve urban mobility.

We picked the scenario of road space negotiation to combat traffic congestions and allows modern self-driving vehicles to purchase routes, negotiate the road space and pay for the rights of way. It will financially incentivize both human and autonomous driving vehicles to maintain a good driving behavior by getting paid for the road space and yielding to the other cars. The system will also enable participants to purchase routes for autonomous vehicles. We hope that this system will evolve to become a part of our daily traffic infrastructure.

Watch the submission video here: Link

Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative Winner